cosmio, the new global empire

where did we come from ?

we have advanced from insignificant animal into the master of the entire planet

we believed that empire, religion and money should safeguard all our human rights

we increased food production, built cities and created trade networks

we have mastered our surroundings until we became the terror of the ecosystem

what do we want ?

we wanted to reach happiness and decrease the amount of suffering in the world

but we seems to be discontented as ever and nobody knows where we are going

let us join together in a new political order, globally !

a single great empire, globally protecting any form of life with total care for environment and climate

sovereign states will not be able to overcome global warming on its own and nationalism with its close to 200 independent states is rather a hindrance to it

a legitime political authority, globally respecting the laws of postindustrial age

with the 5 elements of life being superior to any ethical beliefs (mono, poly or animist) and definitely above the 10 commandments

cosmio, the new global empire