originating from altruiden mountain tribes has got the natural instinct of modern evolution – by this , she became our altruiden icon

she basicaly lives on her own and is not a real team player – the altruiden community highly treasure her mainly as an advisor in all walks of life

her absolute trust in nature is the source of her enormous strength – being so close to nature preserved her naivity , the gold of anyones soul

she strongly engages with the youngsters of society and does not allow children to be slaves of anything – her other big concern is how to share labour and how to make the community prosperous by everyone making a contribution

her common sense and courage allows her independence and freedom – via the tribal elders , her sometimes radical proposals can be accepted despite offical restrictions – in fact , pagana is not realy a friend of elite leaders

pagana found the key how to minimize dependance on social media and still effectively meet the needs of the people – her simple face to face communication and coordination with the local people makes her most powerful because she is able to touch the soul of the common man

there is a grey zone in her soul due to the fact that she has a secret love with a young priest in sauris – she has consumed his soul and uses his mouth to convey her message to the people who sit in the pews in church on sunday

she obtains her sustenance from small farming , fishing and hunting – she also trades her products with others , thats why little money is needed in her altruiden community

there is much to do but most important there is time for reflection – its the freedom to decide how one wants to live – this is the spirit of altruiden